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  • 「Journal of Youth Welfare」 Editing Commission Operation Regulation Revision
    Article 1 (Title) The title of the academic journal of the Korean Association of Youth Welfare (hereinafter, the “Association”) shall be 『Journal of Youth Welfare』.

    Article 2 (Purpose) The purpose of this regulation is to define all matters related to the operation of the editing commission in relation to editing and publication of all materials published by the Association.

    Article 3 (Management Department) Overall businesses related to editing and publication of 『Journal of Youth Welfare』 shall be managed by the editing commission of the Association.

    Article 4 (Composition of Editing Commission) The editing commission of the Association shall be composed of 15 or less editing commissioners, including one chief editor.

    Article 5 (Tenure of Editing Commissioner) The tenure of the Association’s editing commissioner shall be two years, and consecutive appointment shall be allowed.

    Article 6 (Appointment of Editing Commissioner)
    1) The chief editor shall be appointed by the president.
    2) Editing commissioners shall be recommended by the chief editor and appointed by the president.

    Article 7 (Editing Commission Qualification) Qualification for the editing commission of the Association shall be given to persons who correspond to at least 2 of the following 3 paragraphs.
    1) Full-time professor in a major field of study with 5 years of experience
    2) A person who has research experience of publishing at least 5 theses on a national academic journal relevant to one’s fied of study or publication of one academic book.
    3) A person who has been a full member of the Association for more than 3 years.

    Article 8 (Editing Commission Meeting and Resolution) The editing commission shall be convened, make resolutions, and be coordinated by the chief editor in accordance with the submission and deadline schedule of the academic journal. The editing commission meeting shall be held with majority attendance of the members and resolutions shall be made with majority votes of the attending members. However, if there are equal number of votes, the chief editor shall make the decision.

    Article 9 (Responsibility of Editing Commission) The main responsibilities of the editing commission are as follows.
    1) Deliberation of submission regulation and review regulation of academic journal’s theses
    2) Acceptance of academic journal manuscripts
    3) Appointment of examiners and commissioning of review
    4) Publication decision of theses
    5) Matters related to editing and publication of academic journal
    6) Matters related to editing and publication of other academic books

    Article 10 (Effective Date) This regulation shall be effective from Jan. 1, 2016.