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  • 「Journal of Youth Welfare」 Submission Regulation
    Article 1 (Submission Qualification) Submission qualification shall be limited to the members of the Korean Association of Youth Welfare who pay yearly subscription fee. The chief editor shall not be able to submit during one’s tenure.

    Article 2 (Number of Submissions) One submission shall be allowed for each edition in principle, however, up to two submission shall be allowed for joint researches.

    Article 3 (Content of Submissions) Theses that can be submitted shall be limited to theses related to youth welfare and youth studies that have not been published in other academic journals. Graduation theses can be submitted, but this fact shall be made clear, and the primary author shall be the person who has received the degree.

    Article 4 (Language Use) Theses shall be in Korean or English, but shall have both Korean and English Titles.

    Article 5 (Copyright) The copyright of the published theses and digital copyright/transmission right shall be that of the Association.

    Article 6 (These Submission Format) Theses shall be submitted according to the 「Thesis Submission Method」 of the 『Journal of Youth Welfare』, and only the manuscripts that follow the method shall be reviewed.

    Article 7 (Size of Theses) Size of theses shall be within 20 pages in principle.

    Article 8 (Composition and Format of Theses) The composition of theses shall basically follow the APA format.

    Article 9 (Notation and Order of Researcher) The name of the researcher shall be written in both Korean and English, and the organization and position of the researcher shall be provided.

    Article 10 (Manuscript Deadline and Publication) The deadline for manuscripts shall be Jan. 30, Apr. 30, Jul. 30, Oct. 30 of each year. Publications shall be made four times each year in principle. Publication date shall be Mar. 30 for the 1st edition, Jun. 30 for 2nd edition, Sep. 30 for 3rd edition, and Dec. 30 for 4th edition.

    Article 11 (Submission Fee) The examination cost for one submitted thesis is KRW 100,000 and publication cost is KRW 200,000. 20 pages shall be the standard length and additional pages exceeding 20 shall be KRW 20,000 per page at the expense of the applicant. If it is a thesis that has received research fund benefits, additional publication fee of KRW 150,000 shall be charged.

    Article 12 (Editing Fee) Editing of submitted theses shall follow the editing regulations of the Korean Association of Youth Welfare. For theses that have not complied with the above regulations, KRW 50,000 editing fee shall be charged after passing the review.

    Article 13 (Compliance of Research Ethics) All contributors shall comply with the regulations of research ethics, and plagiarism and duplicate submissions shall be strictly prohibited.

    Article 14 (Cancellation of Submission) Submission of an author shall be cancelled upon discovery of violation against research ethics such as plagiarism or duplicate submission, and the corresponding contributor shall be prohibited from submission for at least 3 years. In addition, as the submission is cancelled upon duplicate submission, the corresponding author shall not be able to submit for one year.

    Article 15 (Bioethics Review) The Korean Association of Youth Welfare complies with the principle of having to receive the review by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) in advance concerning all researches on humans or human-derived materials in accordance with the “Bioethics and Safety Act(revised on Feb. 2, 2014).” Concerning all researches on humans that are submitted to the from 2018(Volume 20 Edition No. 1, issued on March 30), the papers that have received review from the IRB shall be accepted in principle. However, during the 2-year period after the enforcement of this regulation, papers that have implemented research ethics regulations that conform to the review process of the IRB shall be accepted through the review by the Editorial Board.

    Article 16 (Enforcement Date) This regulation shall be enforced on Nov. 11, 2016.