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    My name is Eun Ryoung Bang, professor at Hanseo University, Department of Child and Youth Welfare, and the 9th President of the Korean Association of Youth Welfare.

    The Korean Association of Youth Welfare was established in 1998, and has been recognized as a distinguished association as a leader in youth welfare. I believe such achievements were possible because of the passion, dedication and commitment by preceding presidents and members who have endeavored to establish the foundation of the association.

    The Korea Association of Youth Welfare is proposing alternative policies through research and academic exchanges, and journal publications to enhance the overall quality of lives of the youth. In particular, the 『Journal of Youth Welfare』 has been published by the National Research Foundation of Korea (Korea Citation Index: KCI), and is to maintain its publication status until the following evaluation in 2017. Moreover, sorted by impact factor (IF), which is a significant factor in journal evaluation, our publication is ranked 28th out of over 2100 publications registered on KCI on January, 2015. Such accomplishments represent our noteworthy academic influences in interdisciplinary studies in addition to contributions in youth welfare. As such, we are very delighted to see the fruits of our labors with countless publications by researchers on 『Journal of Youth Welfare』.

    Above all, I will aspire to maintain the distinction established by my predecessors, and make meticulous preparations for the upcoming evaluation with the aim of our journals being recognized as exemplary journals. Moreover, I will establish various approaches for our association to contribute to youth welfare and actively organize and encourage association member participation and exchange. Last but not least, I promise to expand and increase research presentation opportunities for ambitious and promising scholars who will lead our association.

    I would like to humbly and sincerely request our members’ unceasing interest and active participation within the association and wish everyone the best.

    Thank you.

    9th President of the Korean Association of Youth Welfare, January 2015.

    Bang, Eun Ryoung